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thechocolatecoins.com - Chocolate


The Chocolate CoinsThe Chocolate Coins

Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favors. Shop for personalized chocolate wedding favors at Chocolate Favor Store. Chocolate is considered the tastiest food. Chocolate diet is generally called the mono diet. Chocolate can be the replacement of vitamin rather it doesn't contain fair amount of health benefits. It is beneficial for fighting with high blood pressure and also helpful in preventing heart disease.

The chocolate diet mainly consists of liquids and people are given a power or supplement that they generally used with milk or water. Chocolate diet is a fad diet because it includes everyone's favorite foods. It also includes pasta and popcorns. This type of diet considered most lovable diet for maximum number of people. Learn more about Rome and visit website by clicking here.

SimplyRome.org - Information on Rome Italy


SimplyRome.orgTop Rome Attractions

Discover Top Rome Attractions read more about The Great Colosseum of Rome, The St. Peter's Basilica - Center of the Christian Dominion in Rome , The Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Square of Rome. Enjoy watching video guides! Do all roads really lead to Rome? This is just one of the many quotations about this famous city that you may have already heard – and the answer is a resounding yes! Also dubbed as the "Eternal City", Italy's capital is famous for being a romantic paradise, a charming city chock full of history, an artists' haven, the world's center of religion and much more. Rome is a sprawling city which is like a decadent cake with many delicious layers. No matter which cultural or historical attraction it is that you are looking for, there are a lot of options to choose from. Learn more about Rome and visit website by clicking here.

FoodyFood.com - Recipes & Healthy Foods



Recipes, food, cooking tips, healthy food, Italian food.“Ravioli al pesce” are a typical dish from the region of Liguria. These ravioli are stuffed with fish and served either with a red “frutti di mare” sauce or as we did it here with butter and Bottarga*. However, you can find many versions of “ravioli di pesce” in the southern regions of Italy.Tipp: As making homemade ravioli is somewhat time consuming, you can prepare the ravioli ahead of time and put them into the freezer. For best results place parchment paper between the layers of ravioli to prevent them from sticking. When you are ready to cook them, take them out last minute and boil them frozen.. Visit website by clicking here.

Completely Pizza - All About Pizzas


Mama Isa's Italian Cooking Classes in PadovaMama Isa's Italian Cooking Classes in Padova

Daily Lessons (One on One or in a Group Setting) and Cookery Days with Mama Isa in Padova! Mama Isa is a Cooking Classes Teacher as well as Italian Language Teacher. Italian Cooking class is located in the city of Padova, centrally in the Veneto region, between Venezia and Verona. Are you travelling to Italy? Are you planning a trip to Venice? Do you have time for a cooking holidays? Mama Isa, your personal cooking teacher, offers one-day cooking classes in Italy. Isa will share with you her big passion for the home-made Italian dishes. Mama Isa speaks in English, but if you want to learn the Italian Language, she can teach cooking in Italian. Visit website by clicking here.

Completely Pizza - All About Pizzas


Completely PizzaCompletely Pizza

Find pizza recipes, learn about pizza restaurants and find the best pizza deals, all in one place. Are you always trying out new pizza recipes, clipping pizza coupons or searching for the best pizza restaurants in your neighborhood? Do you dream of a pizza while sitting at your desk? If so, you are not alone. This Italian dish is a favorite food for millions of Americans. We consume over one billion of them every year! CompletelyPizza.com is here to help feed your passion for pizza. Visit website by clicking here.

French Recipes to Love


French Recipes to LoveFrench Recipes to Love

Do you love French food? Then you will love these French recipes! The French have a natural love affair with their food and this is reflected in all french recipes. France is well known to have the best food in the world and one of the healthiest diets too. So what could be better than to give your family and friends the very best of food with lashings of love stirred through it! From beautiful sea food, poultry and meat dishes, wonderful cheeses, colourful fruit and vegetables, pastries to die for, breads to soak up your soups and the finest wines to wash it down with - the French have it all. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Italy Cooking Courses in Puglia with Marika & Cinzia Rascazzo


Italy Cooking Courses in PugliaItaly Cooking Courses in Puglia

Mediterraneo Italian Cooking School provides cookery vacations and wine tours in Puglia Italy. It is run by the two sisters, Marika & Cinzia Rascazzo. Marika is a Cardiologist. Cinzia is a Harvard graduate, wine sommelier and certified olive oil taster. Cinzia & Marika are Slow Food and IACP members. Through this blog you will learn the secrets of a simple, healthy and still very delicious Mediterranean cuisine. You will get to the heart of the authentic Puglia, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Buying a Luxury Sicilian Property with Buy in Sicily


Luxury Sicilian PropertiesLuxury Sicilian Properties

Since the early centuries, the oldest civilizations have find the Sicily Island their ideal location for relax and for the holiday. There are many example of old Roman or Arab villas in Sicily. Now more of before Sicily is the ideal location for buy one luxury property where stay to stop the frenetic live of the city and for spent many time in your oasi of relax. Buy and Exclusive villa in Sicily mean to have a property in the center of the world in a place rich of History, Culture, Peace, sun, and beauties. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Todicastle Estate - Tours - Cooking - Umbria


Todicastle Estate UmbriaTodicastle Estate Umbria

The Santoro Family invites you to spend your vacation at Todi Castle Estate. A true italian holiday experience. Ours is a successful mixture of a well established family run business and the Italian tradition of hospitality. Located in Umbria, a unique ecological paradise. A region with hidden treasures of Art, Architecture, Food and Wine. Todi Castle Estate is the ideal place for your Family Reunion, for a Group of Friends or a small Celebration. At Todi Castle you will enjoy luxury style service. In the Villas you will enjoy self catering with the option of our cook providing lunch or dinner service. Additional Special Services are offered by Todi Castle Estate to make your stay more enjoyable. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Dreaming of Sicily - A Travel Memoire


1Dreaming of Sicily

If you've been dreaming of Sicily, you've landed at the right place. DREAMING OF SICILY ~ A Travel Memoir, came about quite by accident; after telling my family and friends about the very serendipitous experiences my husband Eric and I had on our first trip to Sicily, I was told over and over again, "You must write a book with these stories!" My artist friend, Kathleen Gwinnett, also a second generation Sicilian-American, was one of those who mentioned that I should write this book; I told her I would if she would illustrate it. To my great delight she agreed. Her evocative watercolors of Sicily bring the stories to life and hopefully will give the armchair traveler a greater appreciation for this magical island. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

A Guide to Italy & Italian Culture on the Web


1Italy & Italian Culture

Your guide to Italy & Italian Culture on the Web. Enjoy as you learn more about the traditions, heritage and way of life that make Italians who they are. Italiansrus offers your business or organization maximum exposure to people looking for information online relating to Italy and Italian culture. We offer several methods of showcasing your business or organization. All the rates listed in U.S. Dollars on our website. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

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