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Val D'Aosta - ItalyInformation on Val D'Aosta - Italy
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Aosta Aosta

The smallest region of Italy, Valle d'Aosta is separated from France and Switzerland by the dramatic, icy peaks of the Alps. Here in the birthplace of fontina cheese, grazing cows outnumber the region's inhabitants.

The two most important elements of this cuisine are bread and soup, which often contains bread. The local bread, pane nero ("black bread") is made from rye flour and is the primary product in a variety of recipes. Pasta is not traditional in this area; instead, polenta, rice, and gnocchi appear as first courses. As the Valle d'Aostans are mountain people, game is a particularly important part of this region's cuisine.

Almost all milk produced in Valle d'Aosta is used to produce fontina, the buttery, nutty cheese that's been made here for nearly 700 years. This region produces almost 8 million pounds of its trademark fontina each year, the vast majority of which is eaten in Italy. Still made by small, artisanal dairies, Fontina Valle d'Aosta is used extensively in kitchens all over Italy.

Fruit is not abundant in this region, but apples, pears, and wild berries are delicious and find their way into jams and desserts. Chestnuts are high quality and honey from the Valle di Cogne is some of the best in Italy. One of the region's traditional desserts is crema cotta, the origins of which are also claimed by Piemonte. 

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Aosta Val D'Aosta ItalyAosta is the principal city of the bilingual Aosta Valley in the Italian Alps, 110 km (68 mi) north-northwest of Turin. It is situated near the Italian entrance of the Mont Blanc Tunnel, at the confluence of the Buthier and the Dora Baltea, and at the junction of the Great and Little St. Bernard routes.

Aosta is the capital of the region, which is ruled by a special statute, where the Italian and the French languages are officially recognized.

It ins the most mountainous region of Italy, entirely surrounded by the best known, splendid peaks of the Alps: the Monte Bianco, the Matterhorn, the Monte Rosa and the Gran Paradiso. The latter is at the center of a magnificent National Park, populated by beautiful specimens of ibex, chamois and eagle. Numerous glaciers feed a rich web of streams, which at the bottom of the respective valleys flow in the basin of the Dora Baltea.

The distinctly Alpine character of this region can be seen in the pine forests, up to rather high altitudes, where they give place to large pasturelands. The small Alpine lakes, little jewels set in majestic mountain landscapes, are numerous. Thanks to the Monte Bianco’s and the Gran San Bernardo’s tunnels, the great historic passes are today important lines of communication.

What to taste What to taste:

• Fontina cheese is common and a delicacy in the area.
• A variety of pork dishes including pork chops voldostana style
• Polenta
• Local game meat
• Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste label wine
• The central valley has its Chambave Moscato (white wine) and Chambave Moscato passito (straw wine); the low valley has its Arnad-Montjovet superiore, and Donnas (red wines).
• The main regional liqueurs are Genepì and Herbelet.

Following Towns Cities & Towns:

Coming soon Coming soon

What to do What to do:

• Skiing and Cross Country skiing
• The Gran Paradiso National Park -inhabited by ibex, chamois and golden eagles- is the perfect place for hiking, mountain biking and horse riding. For the more adventurous there are hiking routes along the mountain paths of the Aosta Valley, while less expert enthusiasts can wander in woods and flatter areas, with snowshoes. nd food and wine specialities of the area.

Places to visit Places to visit: Churches, Museums, Ruins, Piazzas, Fountains,

The Matterhorn, The Monte Rosa, The Monte Bianco, which can be reached by the loftiest cableway in Europe; the beautiful National Park of Gran Paradiso; in winter, the numerous ski resorts. There are the typical villages with the quaint local houses (rascards). St. Vincent and its Casino offer a wide range of entertainment.
• Important traces of the Roman Age can be found in Aosta: the city walls, the theater, Augustus’s Arch, the Pretorian Gate. Visitors can admire the Romanesque Cathedral, which dates back to the eleventh century. The Sant'Orso Church is a good example of medieval architecture. Many are the fortified castles in the Aosta Valley; moist of them are in perfect conditions and open to visitors; many have become museums of local history. The most famous are the castles of Fénis, of Aymavilles, of Issogne and Verrés.

Events Events:

March - Snow Carnival
June - Gressoney-Saint-Jean: Festival of St. John. It begins the evening of June 23rd, when a crowd of residents and guests walk from one neighborhood to another to witness a series of bonfires. Each little burg offers its visitors wine and snacks, and the next day everyone puts on their very best Walser costumes and attends high mass to witness the blessing of the sheep.
September - Chambave: Grape Festival (last Sunday of the month). Folklore groups and local bands perform while everyone attends a huge outdoor banquet. At the end of the day the local authorities choose the year's best variety of grapes.
December - Aosta: International Hot Air Balloon Encounter. One entire week of events (including public excursions over the city), culminating in the spectacular (and dangerous) ascent of 13,000-foot Mont Blanc.

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